Hamburger Green Bean Casserole

Hamburger Green Bean  Casserole

This delicious casserole is an easy low carb dinner with green beans and ground beef in a delicious creamy sauce topped with crispy fried onion straws.

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Lean Ground BeefOnion ButterFlourHalf & Half Beef BrothSpices - – Green Beans  – Sour Cream  – Cheddar Cheese & Mozzarella Cheese  – Crispy Fried Onion Straws

STEP 1: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. STEP 2: To a Dutch oven or oven safe skillet add 1 tsp of olive oil and the onions. Cook the onions for about 3 minutes over medium-high heat. In the same pan, brown the ground beef. Drain the hamburger meat (as needed) and set aside.

STEP 3: Melt butter in the same pan over medium heat. Add flour and combine into a paste. Cook constantly stirring for one minute. STEP 4: Add the half and half and beef broth. Whisk together and simmer until the sauce thickens for about 7 minutes.

STEP 5: Add the salt, black pepper, onion power and garlic powder and incorporate into the sauce.

STEP 6: Add the beef mixture, green beans and sour cream to the sauce. Stir to combine.

STEP 7: Evenly spread the mozzarella and cheddar cheese in a single layer over the green bean mixture. STEP 8: Sprinkle fried onion straws over the top of the casserole.

Step 9: Baked uncovered for 30 minutes. Let the casserole stand for 5 minutes before serving.

What kind of ground beef should I use? Lean Ground Beef Can I use fresh green beans? You can used, fresh, canned, or frozen for this recipe. Canned greens will give a softer texture while fresh and frozen will have a bit more texture.

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