How To Make Traditional  Deviled Eggs

Traditional Deviled Eggs are made with just a few ingredients, making them creamy, irresistible, and delicious.

This bite-size egg is not just for big family dinners, it's also a healthy snack and a great appetizer at your next party.

6 Hard Boiled Eggs Mayonnaise Dijon Mustard Salt to taste Sweet Relish juice Paprika for garnish


1.  Place eggs in a medium pan, and cover them with an inch of cold water. 2.  Turn heat on to medium and bring water to a boil. 3.  When the water boils, shut the stove off and cover for 15 minutes.


4.  Next, soak eggs in cold water until cooled to the touch. 5.  Peel and rinse. Cut in half length wise and set aside.


6.  In a small bowl or food processor, add yolks. 7.  Using a fork mash yolks until there are no lumps left.


8.  Add mayo, Dijon mustard, salt, pickle juice and combine until smooth. 9.  Transfer to a small plastic bag. Snip the bag and pipe into egg whites. 10.  Garnish with paprika and chives.


Yes, we really like traditional-style deviled eggs, but it is fun to change them up.  Try using, bacon, jalapenos, avocado, hot sauce, basil, or even lemon juice.  You'll be surprised how you can change the flavor with just a little ingredient addition.


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